For example, the accompanying picture shows Becki, a C5-C6 quadriplegic due to a spinal cord injury, adjusting resistance using this sliding mechanism.

In addition to allowing people with quadriplegia to adjust resistance, this system the major advantage that you can adjust the effective resistance from 2 Lbs. to 190 Lbs. in any desired increment, rather than the five and ten pound

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C4-C5 spinal cord injury quadriplegic exercise equipment
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UPPERTONE's Unique Features For People With Quadriplegia (Tetraplegia)

The Unique Dual Variable Resistance System:

Designed specifically for quads, the UPPERTONE's resistance system is designed so that resistance can be adjusted without having to add or remove weights.

Rather than adding or removing weights to adjust resistance you simply slide them along a track. Then because the system uses the Moment Principle, the distance you slide the weights determines the effective resistance.

Consequently, any person with C5 or below or quadriplegia can adjust the resistance without help.

increments required by other exercise equipment. This feature is particularly important as it becomes possible to increase resistance in increments that mirror improvements in strength. And, since you to not forced to increase the resistance in large increments you reduce the chance of injury, and see results sooner.

Quad Adjustable:

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The unique resistance system allows resistance to be changed by sliding weights along a track, rather than having to remove or replace weights.
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Dual weight system allows left and right weights to be independently set.
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