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UPPERTONE C5 C6 C7 quadriplegic exercise equipment
UPPERTONE quadriplegic exercise equipment for C4-C5 spinal cord injury
C4-C5 spinal cord injury quadriplegic exercise equipment
C5, C6 spinal cord injury exercise equipment
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"It has affected both my strength and endurance immeasurably. I feel stronger and all around physically fit. It has also helped me feel my appearance is more attractive. Everyone tells me I look better." Tres Sansom, Wylie, TX

"UPPERTONE is easier to use for those with significant arm/hand weakness than other equipment that requires wrist cuffs, assistance to change resistance, or requires securing the wheelchair in some way." Christy Young, Physical Therapist, San Diego, CA

"Improved my sexuality." J.H., Florida

"I think it is an excellent idea." Sandra Baldwin, Vocational Rehab Services, Greenville, NC

"People have reported decreased spasticity and fatigue with activities of daily living." Sherry Santee, Physical Therapist, Center for Disability Related Resources, Tucson, Arizona

"It feels good to be able to workout once again. My therapist says that my sitting balance looks much better since I have been using the machine." Joe Pierce, El Paso, Texas

"UPPERTONE helped me excel on the quad rugby court." John Squires, Barberton, Ohio

"Increases upper body strength, which usually carries over for functional activities like wheelchair mobility and transfers." Sharon Russo, Physical Therapist, Fisherville, VA

"I feel like a machine; UPPERTONE has improved my strength, endurance and confidence in propelling my wheelchair." David Lytle, Kent, OH

"My girlfriend says I now look fabulous." Richard Cardinal, El Paso, TX

"I am a C6 Quadriplegic and own the UPPERTONE weight machine. I enjoy the fact that I don't need any assistance changing the resistance for different exercises. I also feel that the strength I have gained has helped me with transfers and other physical activities in my life. I recommend the UPPERTONE to anyone with a similar disability." Byron Boll, Sedona, AZ

"I feel stronger than I've ever felt since my injury, and wish I had the UPPERTONE since day 1." Craig Lilienthal, Tallahassee, FL

"I enjoy the machine and am really impressed with its operation, construction, and ability to independently adjust left and right side weights." Robert Bar, Iowa City, IA

"It helps me feel stronger and more alive. Quality construction and design." Michael Hodges, CPA

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